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Who We Are

Collabrelations, LLC was born from a love of service, travel, and nature.  We specialize in short term rental management and we also offer all inclusive glamping vacation packages.  We are woman-owned and operated and strive to provide an inclusive and welcoming experience to all of our clients and guests.

Let's collab, so we can take all the stress and you enjoy the rest.

What we offer

Airbnb/STR/Property Management

Guest service.


The most important part of hospitality is how we interact and care for our guests.  We provide the 24/7 care to all of your guests so you don't get those middle of the night "my toilet is clogged" phone calls!  We take care of every detail from pre-arrival to post-stay. Our goal is guest satisfaction which in turn creates loyal repeat visitors.


Quite possibly one of the most difficult parts of renting your property is the key swap.  We'll provide a smart keypad for your front door, free of charge, which increases guest and property safety (please note, some older doors are not compatible).  If your door is shared or not compatible, guests can access keys via a coded lock-box.  Optionally, we will also install a Minut monitor ($49 one time fee + $149/annual fee) that will secure your property between visitors, alert you when guests arrive, alert when noise levels increase, and when crowds get too heavy inside of your unit.  This ensures your neighbors and your property are well taken care of at all times.

Cleaning, lawn care  & fresh linens.

Mmm ... the smell of freshly laundered sheets and towels.  Nothing beats it.  After every stay we promise a thorough, high quality floor-to-ceiling cleaning, and some special treats for your next guests. Throughout the summer months, we'll handle lawn maintenance contracted to trusted local companies, and the same with snow removal in the winter.


No matter what goes wrong, be it an emergency or a standard repair, we'll send out handymen with the experience to handle any problem, or a trusted local contractor.  All it takes is a can-do attitude and a little elbow grease.  We have on call maintenance 24 hours a day and have built great relationships with contractors over the years. 

Interior design.

Whether to advise on minor changes that will make your house a home, or overhauling entire rooms, we've got you covered. Design for short-term rentals is different from your standard interior design, and we've got the extra experience and knowledge you might be needing. Want your listing to stand out from the rest? Want to ensure your decor scheme utilizes the psychological tricks that'll get your place booked faster, and for more money? We've got this.

Biweekly inspections.

Our maintenance team will personally visit your property between guests and on a biweekly basis to ensure its continued fabulousness. During every turnover, our cleaning gurus will perform a basic maintenance inspection.

Online account & calendar management.

Our claim to fame, the basis of everything we do. Honestly, we're super organized.  We got this. We'll screen potential guests based on our expertise and risk management policy.  We'll manage your calendar.  We'll respond in record time so you don't miss a booking.  We have guest service down to a science and it is always our number one priority.  When our guests are happy, everyone is happy. 

Dynamic pricing.

Utilizing our dynamic pricing and revenue management experience, means you can expect  a 10%-40% increase in pricing and occupancy.  Basically, it will pay our management fee AND make you more money!  What is Dynamic Pricing?  In short, it's a daily price update to your listing that takes into account day of the week, length of stay, time from booking to stay, special events, holidays, comparable homes (their prices and occupancy), nearby hotels (their prices and occupancy) and approximately 100 other data points. We'll watch this daily and adjust pricing where needed.  A price may move down as an open date gets closer and remains unbooked.  We'll lower the price (never going below the minimum) in order to appear more attractive for potential travelers, but also keep in mind booking patterns and use our expertise in  booking windows.  One thing you can always count on...we will always maximize your rate.

Personalized property guide.

How does the TV remote work?  How do I get my hands on a killer mojito?  Where is the nearest grocery store?  What's the number for all-night pizza delivery?  What is there to do around here, anyway?  These questions and more are answered in a personalized property guide printed hardcover style and left in the home for your guests.

Restocking essentials.

Laundry detergent, kitchen soap, coffee filters, toilet paper, etc.  All the little things nobody brings on vacation need to be replenished now and then.  We'll make sure your home never runs out and that guests are consistently taken care of. If any items need replacing (ie: a towel gets permanently stained), we'll pick these up too.



Enjoy full management for only 15%.  


Our fee for coordinating is a percentage of your net revenue from Airbnb, and other short term rental sites (your income less their small platform fee).  Optional items, such as the personalized property manual or interior design services, are optional and at an additional charge.

This includes:

-Airbnb listing management, price optimization and online client care.

-Key management. (if your deadbolt can accommodate it, we'll install a free smart lock!)

-Installation of Minut monitor (additional expense).

-Emergency guest contact by phone. (24/7)

-Coordinating cleaning and contracting out of property care/repairs (additional expense). Preparatory cleaning of your unit to bring it to 5 star standard, with turnovers between reservations being charged directly to the guest.

-Liaising with Airbnb customer service as required.

-Restocking essentials (+ cost of goods).

-Purchasing replacement items as necessary (ie: sheets). (+cost of goods).

Optional extras:

$150: Personalized property guide.

$150-250: Interior Design basic consultation. Pricing for overhaul varies by room, please inquire.

How does it work?

Option one:  We create and manage your Airbnb/STR listing under our accounts, and payment from guests comes directly to us.  We remove our percentage, any fees from contractors, and the cost of any add-on services (such as the property guide), then cut you a check  or send your payout via Square, on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.  You'll receive a detailed report of income and expenses for the previous month by the 10th.

Option two:  You add us as a co-host on your existing account.  We will send a detailed report of income and expenses along with an invoice from Square, with a Net 30, by the 10th of every month. 

Referral program

Refer a friend who lists with us and you'll receive a rebate on your next month!

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